Bigelow Endodontics

Your Great Falls Root Canal Specialist

Thank you for your interest in Bigelow Endodontics. Whether you have been referred to us by your dentist or are searching for an endodontic specialist in Great Falls or the surrounding area, we are here to answer your questions and ease any concerns you may have about the root canal procedure.

Defined simply, a root canal is performed to save your tooth and is no more painful than getting a filling. In fact, many patients feel great relief because they had been in such pain prior to the procedure. Dr. Bigelow and his staff combine a friendly approach with the latest technology to give you the best care possible.

Our Endodontic office is centrally located at 2503 6th Ave South in Great Falls, MT near Lincoln Elementary School. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need to make an appointment.

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